Characters - Alphabetical
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ChrisAndersonThe TED curator.
AndreaBarthelloBill's wife.
BlessingsChikakulaWilliam's tutor.
J.JChikankheniTrywell's loyal customer. A preacher.
MwaseChiphaudzuA legendary chief of chewa people. Aka: Killer Grass.
PeterChiromboBaobab's hardware technician.
YembeDodoA boy who was abducted by aliens.
JohnDoerrOne of the most succesful venture capitalists in the world.
GerryDouglasA British-Canadian computer scientist who founded Baobab.
CornelieEwangoBotanist who saved endangered animals during the war.
MichaelFaradayThe inventor of the first Transformer.
RobertFumulaniTrywell's most favorite singer.
JohnGageThe chief scientist from Sun Microsystems.
MonicaGilletteA famous dancer. William's friend.
Mr.GodstenOwner of a welding shop.
AyannaHowardA robotics engineer who worked for NASA.
Mr.IpongaA barbershop owner.
Mr.KabisaThe head prosecutor in Dowa.
PeterKa-MangaWilliam's friend.
AgnesKamkwambaWilliam's mother.
AishaKamkwambaWilliam's sister.
AnnieKamkwambaWilliam's sister.
ChrissyKamkwambaTrywell's sister.
DorisKamkwambaWilliam's sister.
EnifaKamkwambaGilbert's mother. John's wife.
FannieKamkwambaJohn's eldest son. Gilbert's brother.
GeoffreyKamkwambaWilliam's cousin.
JohnKamkwambaTrywell's brother. Geoffrey's father.
MaylessKamkwambaWilliam's sister.
MusaiwaleKamkwambaTrywell's brother. Aka: Mdzimange.
RoseKamkwambaWilliam's sister.
RuthKamkwambaWilliam's cousin. Socrates's daughter.
SocratesKamkwambaTrywell's brother.
TiyamikeKamkwambaWilliam's baby sister.
TrywellKamkwambaWilliam's father.
WilliamKamkwambaProtagonist and Narrator.
HastingsKamuzu-BandaThe dictator of Malawi.
DavidLivingstoneThe Scottish Missionary.
PaulLoremWilliam's war survivor friend.
LorileeMacLeanWilliam's teacher at ABCCA.
Mr.MangochiA trader. Trywell's old friend.
EversonMaseyaA famous journalist who interviewed William.
HartfordMcHazimeThe head of MTTA.
MikeMcKayA blogger who blogged William on Hactivate.
NoelMkubwiA journalist from Zodiac.
GilbertMofatGeoffrey and William's friend Chief Wimbe's son.
BakiliMuluziThe new dictator of Malawi.
SoyapiMumbaA software engineer and coder at Baobab Health.
JosephMunyambanzaWilliam's friend whose family lived in a camp.
DanaMyersThe inventor of electric cars.
ChiefNawambeThe Chief of Ngoni people.
Mr.NgwataChief Wimbe's bodyguard.
ChuckNorrisAn American martial artist.
EmekaOkaforA program director of a big conference called TEDGlobal.
BolaOlabisiNigerian woman. Started a woman's investment group.
Mr.PhiriA seasonal worker that John hired who has superhuman strength.
W.MPhiriThe headmaster at Kachokolo Secondary School.
TomRiellyMan in charge of organizing the corporate sponsors at TED.
BillRitchieA man who runs a company called thinkFun.
SamRitchieBill and Andrea's son.
DanShineWilliam's new friend.
EdithSikeloAn English teacher at Wimbe.
Mr.TemboWilliam's teacher in Geography.
Githiora ThukuWilliam's roommate.
Bingu Wa MutharhikaThe new dictator of Malawi.
EileenWalkerJay's wife.
JayWalkerAn inventor and the founder of
JayWalkerA man that William befriended at a TED conference.
ChuckWilsonThe founder of ABCCA.
ChiefWimbeThe Chief of Wimbe district. Gilbert's father.
Ari Agnes's brother. William's uncle.
Bakili William's uncle. Agnes's brother.
Banda A farmer.
Beni Beni The madman at Wimbe.
Charity William's cousin.
Christopher William's friend.
Daud A trader William bought a dynamo from.
James Phiri's co-worker.
Kafu Trywell's friend.
Kalino A trader.
Kennedy William's bedmate.
Khamba Socrates's dog.
Maggie A tomato seller. Agnes's friend.
Mankhalala One of Trywell's goats.
Maxwell John's former worker.
Mese William's friend.
Michael A top student. William's classmate.
Mike Annie's husband. A teacher.
Mizeck Charity's friend.
Rose William's grandmother. Agnes's mother.
Shabani Phiri's nephew.
Shaka The Army of Zulu King.