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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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1Elsinore Wolcott Protagonist.
 Maria  The Housekeeper.
 CharlotteWolcott Elsa's sister.
 SuzannaWolcott Elsa's sister.
 MinervaWolcott Elsa's mother.
 Mr.Hurst A merchant.
 Walter  Elsa's grandfather.
2RaffaelloMartinelli Elsa's lover. Aka: Rafe.
4EugeneWolcott Elsa's father.
 TonyMartinelli Rafe's father.
 GiaComposto Rafe's fiancĂ©.
 RosalbaMartinelli Rafe's mother. Aka: Rose.
5LoredaMartinelli Elsa and Rafe's daughter. Aka: Lolo.
6Milo  Elsa's horse.
 Anthony  Elsa and Rafe's son.
 NicoleBuslik The town's teacher. Loreda's teacher.
 StellaDevereaux Loreda's classmate.
 SophiaDevereaux Stella's younger sister.
 WillBunting The farmer. One of the Martinelli's neighbor.
 KallsonBunting Will's son. Deceased.
 GlennMounger One of the Martinelli's acquaintance.
 Mary LynnMounger Glenn's wife.
8RalphDevereaux Stella and Sophie's father.
 JimmyDevereaux Stella's uncle.
9Lorenzo W.Martinelli Deceased. Rafe's brother.
 Orloff  The old butcher.
10Mr.McElvaine The train depot ticket master.
12Mr.Carrio One of Tony's friend and neighbor.
 Ray  Mr. Carrio's son.
 Andrea  Ray's wife.
 Mr.Pavlov A store owner.
 HughBennett The USA conservation corps representative.
14Bella  One of Martinelli's horse.
15DocRheinhart The town's doctor.
16MortonGerald The banker.
 Sally  The nurse.
 Maria  Rafe's sister.
 Angelina  Rafe's sister.
 Juliana  Rafe's sister.
 GarySheyer Pamela's husband.
 PamelaSheyer Elsa's new friend.
19Henry  Loreda's childhood friend.
 Spot  Henry's dog.
 JebDewey Elsa's new tent neighbor in California.
 JeanDewey Jeb's wife.
 MaryDewey Jeb and Jean's daughter.
 LucyDewey Jeb and Jean's daughter.
 BusterDewey Jeb and Jean's son.
 ElroyDewey Jeb and Jean's son.
 Mr.Eldridge One of Elsa's new neighbor.
20BarbaraMouser The school administration officer.
21Midge  Elsa's new friend.
 Nadine  Elsa's new friend.
 MarthaWatson The PTA President.
22BettyAnne The woman who helps Elsa.
 Ned  Betty Anne's wife.
23Mrs.Quisdorf The Librarian.
24Clea  Jean's new born baby. Deceased.
 JackValen The communist that Loreda met.
25JamesDavies The chief of police. Aka: Two Guns.
27Natalia  The woman that Loreda met.
28Mrs.Sharpe Loreda's new teacher.
 BobbyRand Loreda's new neighbor.
 ThomasWelty The owner of Welty Farm.
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