Characters - Alphabetical
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BettyAnneThe woman who helps Elsa.
HughBennettThe USA conservation corps representative.
KallsonBuntingWill's son. Deceased.
WillBuntingThe farmer. One of the Martinelli's neighbor.
NicoleBuslikThe town's teacher. Loreda's teacher.
Mr.CarrioOne of Tony's friend and neighbor.
GiaCompostoRafe's fiancé.
JamesDaviesThe chief of police. Aka: Two Guns.
JimmyDevereauxStella's uncle.
RalphDevereauxStella and Sophie's father.
SophiaDevereauxStella's younger sister.
StellaDevereauxLoreda's classmate.
BusterDeweyJeb and Jean's son.
ElroyDeweyJeb and Jean's son.
JeanDeweyJeb's wife.
JebDeweyElsa's new tent neighbor in California.
LucyDeweyJeb and Jean's daughter.
MaryDeweyJeb and Jean's daughter.
Mr.EldridgeOne of Elsa's new neighbor.
MortonGeraldThe banker.
Mr.HurstA merchant.
LoredaMartinelliElsa and Rafe's daughter. Aka: Lolo.
Lorenzo WalterMartinelliDeceased. Rafe's brother.
RaffaelloMartinelliElsa's lover. Aka: Rafe.
RosalbaMartinelliRafe's mother. Aka: Rose.
TonyMartinelliRafe's father.
Mr.McElvaineThe train depot ticket master.
GlennMoungerOne of the Martinelli's acquaintance.
Mary LynnMoungerGlenn's wife.
BarbaraMouserThe school administration officer.
Mr.PavlovA store owner.
Mrs.QuisdorfThe Librarian.
BobbyRandLoreda's new neighbor.
DocRheinhartThe town's doctor.
Mrs.SharpeLoreda's new teacher.
GarySheyerPamela's husband.
PamelaSheyerElsa's new friend.
JackValenThe communist that Loreda met.
MarthaWatsonThe PTA President.
ThomasWeltyThe owner of Welty Farm.
CharlotteWolcottElsa's sister.
Elsinore WolcottProtagonist.
EugeneWolcottElsa's father.
MinervaWolcottElsa's mother.
SuzannaWolcottElsa's sister.
Andrea Ray's wife.
Angelina Rafe's sister.
Anthony Elsa and Rafe's son.
Bella One of Martinelli's horse.
Clea Jean's new born baby. Deceased.
Henry Loreda's childhood friend.
Juliana Rafe's sister.
Maria The Housekeeper.
Maria Rafe's sister.
Midge Elsa's new friend.
Milo Elsa's horse.
Nadine Elsa's new friend.
Natalia The woman that Loreda met.
Ned Betty Anne's wife.
Orloff The old butcher.
Ray Mr. Carrio's son.
Sally The nurse.
Spot Henry's dog.
Walter Elsa's grandfather.