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Characters By Chapter
Jeffrey Hale
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1   The Hideaway - bed-and-breakfast
 DotIngram Mags's best friend.
 Bert   The Hideaway chief culinary officer.
 GloryGregg The Hideaway hairdresser.
    Bits and Pieces - home d├ęcor shop
 Sara Margaret Jenkins Owner of Bits and Pieces.
 Jenny Jenkins Sara's mother.
2Allyn   Sara's friend and assistant.
 George   A jeweler.
 MargaretVan Buren Owner of The Hideaway. Aka: Mags, Maggie.
 Butch   A handyman.
 VernonBains Mags's lawyer.
3Millie  Sara's neighbor.
 Walt  Millie's husband.
 MajorGregg Glory's army veteran husband.
 Bernard  An artist.
 Mitch   A lawyer Sara's dating.
4RobertVan Buren Mags's husband.
 HelenParker Mags's assumed name.
 EvelynDeBerry. Original owner of The Hideaway.
5Henry DeBerry. Evelyn's husband.
 Bertha   Former staff at The Hideaway.
6Rick   Allyn's friend.
 SergeantBurnside The chief of police in Sweet Bay.
7WilliamCartright Mags's boyfriend.
 Mr.Zieman A jeweler.
 AnnaBelleWhitaker Robert's mistress.
8Daisy  An artist.
 Starla  Yoga instructor.
10EugeneNorman A potter / glassblower.
 Mr.Crocker Farm owner.
 BernadettePierce One of The Hideawy's former guests. Aka: Bernie.
 Luis   Bernie's gardener.
 Harry  Bernie's husband.
 HattieCaldwell One of The Hideawy's former guests.
11Mr.Curtis Bank liason.
12EarlWeathers One of the contractors.
 ClarkArrington Sara's childhood neighbor.
 SammyGrosvenor County developer.
13Popcorn  Crawford's dog.
 CrawfordHayes Ows Coastal Contractors.
 CharlieMack Crawford's partner.
14Gary   William's friend.
 NedLemon Electrician from the old Hideaway.
15TomGrimmerson William's client.
17Larry  Crawford's electrician.
 Stafford  Mags's cat.
 EdJenkins Sara's father.
 Mrs.Busbee The new owner of Jenny's Diner.
18Irene  Owner of Irene's Dress Barn.
20Peter  One of Crawford's clients.
 Janet  Peter's wife.
24Yolanda   A nurse.
 Mrs.McMurphy One of Sara's customer.
 Barb   One of Sara's customer.
33 McClain Mayor of Sweet Bay.
34Jaxon  Allyn's new friend.
35Lorraine   A hurricane.
 Doreen  Jenny's friend from school.
37Mrs.Webb One of Crawford's client.
 BobCrowe A reporter.
38Mr.Crocker A farm owner.
 NormHammond The town barber.
39Mabel   Jenny's friend.
 MarkKupek A boy who's in love Jenny.
 Betty Jo  Church organist.
41Betty  Starla's real name.
43Mrs.Broussard One of Sara's customer.
44Mrs.Girard One of Sara's customer.
45Mr.Melman One of the guests in The Hideaway.
 Mrs.Melman One of the guests in The Hideaway.
 Maylene  Mr. and Mrs. Melman's friends.
 George  Mr. and Mrs. Melman's friends.
  McCaffertys Crawford's client.