Characters - Alphabetical
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ClarkArringtonSara's childhood neighbor.
VernonBainsMags's lawyer.
Mrs.BroussardOne of Sara's customer.
SergeantBurnsideThe chief of police in Sweet Bay.
Mrs.BusbeeThe new owner of Jenny's Diner.
HattieCaldwellOne of The Hideawy's former guests.
WilliamCartrightMags's boyfriend.
Mr.CrockerFarm owner.
Mr.CrockerA farm owner.
BobCroweA reporter.
Mr.CurtisBank liason.
EvelynDeBerry.Original owner of The Hideaway.
Henry DeBerry.Evelyn's husband.
Mrs.GirardOne of Sara's customer.
GloryGreggThe Hideaway hairdresser.
MajorGreggGlory's army veteran husband.
TomGrimmersonWilliam's client.
SammyGrosvenorCounty developer.
NormHammondThe town barber.
CrawfordHayes Ows Coastal Contractors.
DotIngramMags's best friend.
EdJenkinsSara's father.
Jenny JenkinsSara's mother.
Sara Margaret JenkinsOwner of Bits and Pieces.
MarkKupekA boy who's in love Jenny.
NedLemonElectrician from the old Hideaway.
CharlieMackCrawford's partner.
 McCaffertysCrawford's client.
 McClainMayor of Sweet Bay.
Mrs.McMurphyOne of Sara's customer.
Mr.MelmanOne of the guests in The Hideaway.
Mrs.MelmanOne of the guests in The Hideaway.
EugeneNormanA potter / glassblower.
HelenParkerMags's assumed name.
BernadettePierceOne of The Hideawy's former guests. Aka: Bernie.
MargaretVan BurenOwner of The Hideaway. Aka: Mags, Maggie.
RobertVan BurenMags's husband.
EarlWeathersOne of the contractors.
Mrs.WebbOne of Crawford's client.
AnnaBelleWhitakerRobert's mistress.
Mr.ZiemanA jeweler.
Allyn  Sara's friend and assistant.
Barb  One of Sara's customer.
Bernard An artist.
Bert  The Hideaway chief culinary officer.
Bertha  Former staff at The Hideaway.
Betty Starla's real name.
Betty Jo Church organist.
Butch  A handyman.
Daisy An artist.
Doreen Jenny's friend from school.
Gary  William's friend.
George Mr. and Mrs. Melman's friends.
George  A jeweler.
Harry Bernie's husband.
Irene Owner of Irene's Dress Barn.
Janet Peter's wife.
Jaxon Allyn's new friend.
Larry Crawford's electrician.
Lorraine  A hurricane.
Luis  Bernie's gardener.
Mabel  Jenny's friend.
Maylene Mr. and Mrs. Melman's friends.
Millie Sara's neighbor.
Mitch  A lawyer Sara's dating.
Peter One of Crawford's clients.
Popcorn Crawford's dog.
Rick  Allyn's friend.
Stafford Mags's cat.
Starla Yoga instructor.
Walt Millie's husband.
Yolanda  A nurse.