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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1  Claire
 Danielle Claire's secretary.
 RoryCookA philanthropist.
 ClaireTaylorRory's wife.
 PetraFederotovClaire's friend.
 Mrs.MorrisA government teacher in the twelfth grade.
 Nico Petra's brother.
 AlCaponeAmerican gangster.
 MaggieMorettiRory's ex-girlfriend.
 KateLaneA political commentator.
 Violet Claire's sister.
 MarjorieCookA senator. Rory's mother.
 CarolynBessetteWife of John F. Kennedy Jr.
 John F.Kennedy Jr.President John F. Kennedy's son.
 AmandaBurnsClaire's new name.
2  Claire
 AnitaReynoldsThe director of the Center Street Literacy.
 Norma A chef.
 Joshua Norma's son.
 BruceCorcoranRory's longtime assistant.
 HillaryClintonAmerican politician.
 GeraldineFerraroAmerican lawyer and politician.
3  Claire
 Constance A maid.
4  Eva
 EvaJamesClaire's new acquaintance.
 David Eva's husband.
5  Claire
 HillaryStantonNTSB Senior Communications Officer.
6  Eva
 Brett One of Eva's acquaintances.
 Saul One of Eva's acquaintances.
 Dex One of Eva's acquaintances.
 FelixArgyrosDex's boss. aka: Fish.
 Brittany Dex's acquaintance.
8  Eva
 Mr.CosatinoEva's neighbor
 Rachel AnnJamesEva's mother.
 Sister Bernadette The nun who raised Eva.
 WadeRobertEva's acquaintance.
10  Eva
 Danny Dex's acquaintance.
 Liz Eva's friend.
11  Claire
 CraigHendersonA social worker.
12  Eva
 AgentCastroA federal DEA officer.
 Gabe DuPree's manager.
 Jeremy One of Eva's best clients.
13  Claire
 Mary Rory's aunt.
 CharlieFlanaganFormer senior accountant with the Cook Foundation.
14  Eva
 Ellie Liz's daughter.
 Emily Liz's closest friend.
 Bess Emily's partner.
 Vera Bess and Emily's department head.
 Dr.FitzGeraldConsidered as the Founding Father of Zone Therapy.
 Carmen Eva's adoptive mother.
 Mark Carmen's husband.
15  Claire
 Kelly Claire's new acquaintance.
 Jim One of Claire's colleagues.
18  Eva
 Nancy Rachel Ann's mother.
 ErwinJamesRachel's father
 Maxwell Rachel's brother.
19  Claire
 Jacinta Kelly's daughter.
 Mel Jacinta's friend.
 Marilyn Kelly's mother.
 JasperJohnsAmerican painter and sculptor.
 Jean-MichelBasquiatAmerican artist.
 Tom Kelly's boss.
 Marcy A caterer.
 Jacqueline K.OnassisFormer First Lady of the United States.
 DonnyRodriquezA baseball star.
 Cressida Donny's girlfriend.
35  Claire
 AugusteRodinFrench sculptor.
 Mrs.CrespiA friend of Kelly's mother.
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