Characters - Alphabetical
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DeniseAbernathyOne of Noelle's patients.
RebeccaBakerOne of Noelle's patients.
ClareBriggsNoelle's trained companion.
SharonByertonSam's client.
MattieCaffertyOne of Tara's students.
GeorgeClooneyAmerican actor, film producer.
MarilynCollierBryan's sister.
IanCutlerSam's law partner and close friend.
DougDavisThe transplant specialist.
NoelleDownieTara's friend.
SusanEmersonEmerson's mother.
JeffJacksonHaley's oncologist.
Cleveland JohnsonGrace's boyfriend. Aka: Cleve.
SuzanneJohnsonCleve's mother.
JillKenneyA nurse.
AnnaKnightlyThe director of the Missing Children's Bureau.
Haley HopeKnightlyAnna's daughter.
Lily AnnKnightlyAnna's lost child.
TaraLockeSam's wife.
GloriaMasseyAn obstetrician.
MatthewMcConaugheyAmerican actor and producer.
EmersonMcGarrityTara's best friend. Aka: Em.
FrankMcGarrityEmerson's father.
ElaineMeyersWorked at the Missing Children's Bureau.
BarbaraReadTara's acquaintance.
PattyRobinsonNoelle's first patient.
JaneRogersA midwife.
Mr.StarkeyThe head of the drama club.
JennyStilesGrace's best friend.
MerylStreepAmerican actress.
Samuel VincentA lawyer. Aka: Sam.
 WhittakerA police officer.
MissWilsonNoelle's mother's friend.
Angela Noelle's acquaintance.
Bea James' girlfriend.
Bryan Haley's father.
Devon Jenny's boyfriend.
Doreen A maid.
Elena Jenny's friend.
Ellen A social worker.
Fred A stuffed bear.
Grace Sam's daughter. Aka: Gracie.
James Noelle's neighbor.
Laurie Gloria Massey's office manager.
Leta Emerson's great-aunt.
Libby Noelle's acquaintance.
Luanne Noelle's acquaintance.
Madison One of Haley's cousins.
Mandy One of Haley's cousins.
Megan One of Haley's cousins.
Melanie One of Haley's cousins.
Patches Noelle's cat.
Petra Rebecca Baker's daughter.
Pops Noelle's car.
Rob Angela's husband.
Sandra The restaurant's manager.
Ted Emerson's husband.
Therese Jill's reliever.
Tom One of Haley's nurses.
Twitter Tara's dog.
Tyler One of Tara's students.
Zeke Suzanne's husband.