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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1   Blue Boy, White Boy
 Teodosio  A worker at Morales' hacienda.
 Lupita  Morales family's washerwoman.
 Nana Reja  Served as a wet nurse.
 Nana Pola  Nana Reja's roommate.
 Francisco  Guillermo's son.
 Beatriz C.Morales Francisco's wife.
 Dr.Doria A physician.
 Sra.Morales Dr. Doria's patient.
 AlbertoMorales Sra. Morales's husband.
 Guillermo Morales Alberto Morales' son.
 María  Alberto's second wife.
 Martin  The gardener.
3   The Empty Rocking Chair
 Mati  The cook.
 Father Pedro 1  A priest.
5   Ribbons and Lice
 Carmen  Francisco Morales' elder daughter.
 Consuelo  Carmen's sister.
 Simonopio  A boy who was found by Nana Reja. Aka: Bee Charmer.
6   Wings That Covered Him
 AnselmoEspiricueta The newest employee on the hacienda Morales.
 Leocadio  A peon on the hacienda.
7   White Drop, Holy Drop
 MarioCantú A physician.
 Juan  The knife grinder.
8   War's Harvest
 FelipeAngeles Mexican military officer.
 PresidentCarranza President of Mexico.
10   Broken Promises
 SantiagoVidaurri A controversial and powerful governor of the Mexican states.
 PorfirioDíaz President of Mexico.
 MarianoCortés Beatriz's father.
 Sinforosa  Beatriz's mother.
 Emilio  One of Beatriz's brothers.
 Carlos  One of Beatriz's brothers.
 Refugio Morales Francisco's aunt.
 MercedesGarza One of Beatriz's friends.
 LuchaDoria One of Beatriz's friends.
11   The Spaniard Arrives in October
 SergioGarza Mercedes Garza's husband.
 NiceforoZambrano Mexican politician.
 VicenteLopez The gravedigger.
 Lucita  Lazaro's neighbor. Aka: Luz.
 FatherEmigdio Father Pedro's young assistant.
12   Letters and Telegrams
 Lazaro JesusGarcia A man who had survived from the influenza.
 Alvaro  The postal employee.
 Francisco P. NavarreteThe archbishop of Linares.
 Doña ChelaGarcia Lazaro's mother.
 Don Luis  Luz's father.
 MiguelGarcia Lazaro's brother.
13   Get up and Go
 LorenzoSepúlveda A physician.
 CeledoniaGrajeda The ugliest girl in town.
14   Simonopio's Sinapism
 Luisa  Mercedes' sister.
 Remedios  One of Beatriz's friends.
 Amparo  One of Beatriz's friends.
 Cocepcion  One of Beatriz's friends.
 Trinidad  One of the campesinos.
17   The Singer and Its Rat-A-Tat, Rat-A-Tat
 Margarita EspiricuetaAnselmo's daughter.
19   The Return to Life, Another Life
 Mariqueta DominguezCarmen's friend.
 Antonio Dominguez Carmen's boyfriend.
 JacintaEspiricueta Anselmo's wife.
 Gabino  One of the campesinos.
20   The Story That Was Told, Is Told, and Will Be Told, Perhaps
 SoledadBetancourt The storyteller at the Villaseca Fair.
21   Gaps That Were Left
  Atenógenes The butcher.
 María LuzaGarza Carlos' wife.
 CarlosTamez The mayor.
22   Letters That Arrived
 Doña Graciela  Francisco's acquaintance.
 JoaquinBolaños The postmaster.
 Doña Eufemia  Family Morales' acquaintance.
24   Life That Goes On
 Señora Dominguez Antonio's mother.
31   Only the Living Understand
 Maximilian I  The only monarch of the Second Mexican Empire.
 IsaacMedina The new mayor of Linares.
 PatricioMilmo Owner of Milmo Bank.
34   The Flight of the Flowers
 Pedro 2  The new priest.
 Doña Inés  One who prepared food for Father Pedro 2.
 Doña Matilde  One who prepared the dishes at Morales Cortes house.
 Miguel  Antonio's younger brother.
35   The Blossoms' Destiny
 JosephRobertson One who build the railways at Montemorelos.
36   Everything Changes
 Plutarco Elias CallesMexican military general and politician.
39   A Strange and Confused World
 Rosario  Francisco Morales' aunt.
40   The Day the Mule Takes the Reins
 AgapitoTreviño A raider who was executed by firing squad.
41   New Stories to Tell
 Francisco Jr.  Francisco Morales and Beatriz's son.
42   The First Drop
 Marilú Treviño One who sing "La Enredadera".
45   Revenge Is Not a Woman's Business
 Socorro  Lupita's aunt.
 Concha  Beatriz's sister-in-law.
49   The Aunt That Nobody Invites
 Venustiano CarranzaOne of the main leaders of the Mexican Revolution.
 Sra. Meléndez  Cortez family's neighbor.
52   A True Wonder
 Sr. Abraham  The storekeeper.
 PedroRonda The aquatic singer.
56   Sharing Sweat and Shade
 Leonor  The new washerwoman.
66   See, Listen, Understand
 Hortensia  A woman hired to act as housekeeper and nurse.
 Auguste ReneRodin A French sculptor.
67   But Simonopio's Image Invades Your Mind
 Nico  The taxi driver.
87   Had My Mama Known Everything
 LazaroCárdenas A Mexican statesman.
 H. G.Wells An English writer.
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