Characters - Alphabetical
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FelipeAngelesMexican military officer.
 AtenógenesThe butcher.
SoledadBetancourtThe storyteller at the Villaseca Fair.
JoaquinBolañosThe postmaster.
Plutarco EliasCallesMexican military general and politician.
MarioCantúA physician.
LazaroCárdenasA Mexican statesman.
PresidentCarranzaPresident of Mexico.
Venustiano CarranzaOne of the main leaders of the Mexican Revolution.
MarianoCortésBeatriz's father.
PorfirioDíazPresident of Mexico.
Antonio DominguezCarmen's boyfriend.
Mariqueta DominguezCarmen's friend.
Señora DominguezAntonio's mother.
Dr.DoriaA physician.
LuchaDoriaOne of Beatriz's friends.
FatherEmigdioFather Pedro's young assistant.
AnselmoEspiricuetaThe newest employee on the hacienda Morales.
JacintaEspiricuetaAnselmo's wife.
MargaritaEspiricuetaAnselmo's daughter.
Doña ChelaGarciaLazaro's mother.
Lazaro JesusGarciaA man who had survived from the influenza.
MiguelGarciaLazaro's brother.
María LuzaGarzaCarlos' wife.
MercedesGarzaOne of Beatriz's friends.
SergioGarzaMercedes Garza's husband.
CeledoniaGrajedaThe ugliest girl in town.
VicenteLopezThe gravedigger.
IsaacMedinaThe new mayor of Linares.
PatricioMilmoOwner of Milmo Bank.
AlbertoMoralesSra. Morales's husband.
Beatriz C.MoralesFrancisco's wife.
Guillermo MoralesAlberto Morales' son.
Refugio MoralesFrancisco's aunt.
Sra.MoralesDr. Doria's patient.
Francisco P.NavarreteThe archbishop of Linares.
JosephRobertsonOne who build the railways at Montemorelos.
Auguste ReneRodinA French sculptor.
PedroRondaThe aquatic singer.
LorenzoSepúlvedaA physician.
CarlosTamezThe mayor.
AgapitoTreviñoA raider who was executed by firing squad.
Marilú TreviñoOne who sing "La enredadera".
SantiagoVidaurriA controversial and powerful governor of the Mexican states.
H. G.WellsAn English writer.
NiceforoZambranoMexican politician.
Alvaro The postal employee.
Amparo One of Beatriz's friends.
Carlos One of Beatriz's brothers.
Carmen Francisco Morales' elder daughter.
Cocepcion One of Beatriz's friends.
Concha Beatriz's sister-in-law.
Consuelo Carmen's sister.
Don Luis Luz's father.
Doña Eufemia Family Morales' acquaintance.
Doña Graciela Francisco's acquaintance.
Doña Inés One who prepared food for Father Pedro 2.
Doña Matilde One who prepared the dishes at Morales Cortes house.
Emilio One of Beatriz's brothers.
Father Pedro 1 A priest.
Francisco Guillermo's son.
Francisco Jr. Francisco Morales and Beatriz's son.
Gabino One of the campesinos.
Hortensia A woman hired to act as housekeeper and nurse.
Juan The knife grinder.
Leocadio A peon on the hacienda.
Leonor The new washerwoman.
Lucita Lazaro's neighbor. Aka: Luz.
Luisa Mercedes' sister.
Lupita Morales family's washerwoman.
María Alberto's second wife.
Martin The gardener.
Mati The cook.
Maximilian I The only monarch of the Second Mexican Empire.
Miguel Antonio's younger brother.
Nana Pola Nana Reja's roommate.
Nana Reja Served as a wet nurse.
Nico The taxi driver.
Pedro 2 The new priest.
Remedios One of Beatriz's friends.
Rosario Francisco Morales' aunt.
Simonopio A boy who was found by Nana Reja. Aka: Bee Charmer.
Sinforosa Beatriz's mother.
Socorro Lupita's aunt.
Sr. Abraham The storekeeper.
Sra. Meléndez Cortez family's neighbor.
Teodosio A worker at Morales' hacienda.
Trinidad One of the campesinos.