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Remy Hale
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   PART l - In The Beginning Was The Word
 XiomaraBatistaA poet. Aka: Xio.
 SenoraBatistaXiomara's mother. Aka: Mami.
   Mira, Muchacha
 MiraMuchachaMami's favorite sayings to Xiomara's ears.
 Xavier Xiomara's twin brother.
   The First Word
 FatherSeanA priest.
 Papi Xiomara's father.
   Confirmation Class
 Caridad Xiomara's best friend.
 Iliana Xiomara's acquaintance.
   Miss Galiano
 MissGalianoEnglish teacher.
   How I Feel About Attention
 Medusa A Gorgon.
 Drake Xiomara's acquaintance.
   Church Mass
 Delilah A woman mentioned in the Bible.
 Eve 1 Adam's wife.
 Aman Xiomara's lab partner.
   J. Cole vs. Kendrick Lamar
 J.ColeAmerican rapper.
 KendrickLamarAmerican rapper.
 KanyeWestAmerican rapper.
 Jay Z One of an old school rappers.
 Nas One of an old school rappers.
 Eve 2 One of an old school rappers.
   PART ll - And The Word Was Made Of Flesh
   Catching Feeling
 Mr.BildnerA teacher.
   And Then He Does
 Pops Aman's father.
   "I Think The Story Of Genesis Is Mad Stupid"
 Adam A figure in the book of Genesis.
   Talking Church
 PoetXXiomara's stage name.
   At My Train Stop
 Reuben Aman's friend.
 CardiBAmerican rapper.
   What We Don't Say
 Cody Xavier's friend.
   Final Draft of Assignment 3
 Eleanor RooseveltFormer First Lady of U.S.
 Mother TeresaHonored Saint by the Catholic Church.
 Beyonce American singer-songwriter.
 ChrisHodgesMember of the poetry club.
 Mary Mother of Jesus.
   PART lll - The Voice of One Crying in the Wilderness
   Final Draft of Assignment 4
 NelsonMandelaFormer president of South Africa.
   Can't Tell Me Nothing
 Marcy Xiomara's new lab partner.
 Isabelle P.RileyOne of the members of the poetry club.
 Stephan One of the members of the poetry club.
   The Good
 StevieWonderAmerican singer-songwriter.
   Celebrate With Me
 FloydMayweatherProfessional boxer.
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