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Ai Smith
Major Characters Only (MCO)
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·       Mukesh Patel: The protagonist of the novel, an 80-year-old widower who is struggling to come to terms with the death of his wife, Naina. He is a kind and gentle man who is devoted to his family. He is also a voracious reader who loves to share his love of books with others.

·       Aleisha Thomas: A 17-year-old girl who is working a summer job at the Harrow library. She is a bright and curious young woman who is trying to figure out her place in the world. She is also a reluctant reader who is slowly coming to appreciate the power of books.

·       Margery Birdwell: The head of the Packhorse Librarians, a group of women who deliver books to people in rural areas. She is a kind and compassionate woman who is dedicated to her work. She is also a mentor to Aleisha and helps her to find her way in the world.

·       Beth O'Shea: A friend of Aleisha's who is also a Packhorse Librarian. She is a kind and supportive friend who is always there for Aleisha.

·       Izzy Bunting: A cousin of Margery's who is also a Packhorse Librarian. She is a bit of a loner who is not afraid to speak her mind.

·       Sophia Johnson: The only black woman in the Packhorse Librarians. She is a kind and intelligent woman who is determined to make a difference in the world.





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