Characters - Alphabetical
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Little AlbertNine-month-old baby.
Buzz AldrinAmerican engineer and a former astronaut and fighter pilot.
MuhammadAliAmerican professional boxer, activist, and philanthropist.
MaxBaerAmerican boxer.
Jean-MichelBasquiatAmerican artist.
KathleenBattleAmerican operatic soprano.
CurtisBaxterKing Cuz's former name.
HarryBelafonteAmerican singer.
KennethBenneOne of the authors of Planning of Change.
WarrenBennisOne of the authors of Planning of Change.
PatBooneAmerican singer.
BettyBoopCartoon character.
EvaBraunAdolf Hitler's wife.
George W. Bush43rd U.S. President.
George WashingtonCarverAmerican agricultural scientist and inventor.
FoyCheshireThe co-founder of the Dum Dum Donut Intellectuals.
RobertChinOne of the authors of Planning of Change.
EricClaptonEnglish rock and blues guitarist, singer, and songwriter.
KennethClarkAfrican-American psychologist.
MamieClarkAfrican-American psychologist.
SheilaClarkYoung black student at Chaff Middle School.
SheilaClarkYoung black student at Chaff Middle School.
JimmyCliffJamaican musician.
GaryColemanAmerican actor.
MissCrabtreeCharacter from Our Gang shorts.
TomCruiseAmerican actor and film producer.
TonyCurtisAmerican film actor.
KingCuzLocal gangster and member of the Dum Dum Donut Intellectuals.
ButterflyDavisGirl at the LA Festival of Forbidden Cinema. Aka: Topsy.
SammyDavis, Jr.American singer, dancer, actor, comedian and activist.
Marpessa D.DawsonThe narrator's childhood sweetheart and on/off girlfriend.
StevieDawsonMarpessa's younger brother.
JamesDeanAmerican actor.
KirkDouglasAmerican retired actor, filmmaker, and author. Aka Danielovitch.
Mr. EdmundsMath specialist.
Dwight D.Eisenhower34th U.S. President.
Bret EastonEllisAmerican author.
PatrickEwingAmerican-Jamaican basketball player.
FranzFanonFrench West Indian psychiatrist and political philosopher.
ProfessorFarleyIntro to agronomy teacher.
StepinFetchitAmerican film actor.
HamptonFiskeThe narrator's lawyer and old friend. Aka: Hamp.
MurrayFloresPolice Captain.
AnnaFreudAustrian psychoanalyst and the youngest child of Sigmund Freud.
MiltonFriedmanAmerican economist.
MichaelGallegosSixth-grader from Charisma's school.
Mahatma GandhiIndian lawyer, anti-colonial nationalist, and political ethicist.
CarlGarfieldRapper Aka: Kilo G.
MarcusGarveyJamaican political activist, publisher, journalist and orator.
KittyGenoveseWoman who was brutally murdered outside of her apartment.
WhoopiGoldbergAmerican actor.
KeaganGoodrichOne of the Dickens Five.
KelseyGrammerAmerican actor.
Al GreenAmerican singer.
RobbyHaleyOne of the Dickens Five.
DavidHammonsAmerican artist.
EthanHawkeAmerican actor, writer, and director.
SuzyHollandOne of the Dickens Five.
Charles JohnHuffamEnglish writer and social critic. Aka: Charles Dickens.
LauraJaneHires by the narrator to dance with Hominy.
HominyJenkinsAn elderly man and extreme manifestation of Uncle Tom.
AlJolsonAmerican singer, comedian, and actor.
Tommy LeeJonesAmerican actor and filmmaker.
JanisJoplinAmerican singer-songwriter.
Carl JungSwiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst.
Rodney GlenKingAmerican construction worker turned writer and activist.
Martin LutherKing, Jr.American Christian minister and activist.
BenjaminKubelskyAmerican comedian. Aka: Jack Benny.
GuyLarocheFrench high-fashion designer.
LewisLatimerInventor and patent draftsman for the light bulb and telephone.
LaurelLescookStudent from Key Biscayne, Florida.
JerryLewisAmerican comedian.
NestorLopezThe narrator's former childhood friend.
LeonardMaltinAmerican film critic.
FredManneThe courtroom illustrator.
DeanMartinAmerican singer.
CiprianoMartínezHalf-Salvadoran, half-black boy. Aka: Candy.
George McFarlandAmerican actor. Aka: Spanky.
JonMcJonesFoy's friend.
KristyMcNicholAmerican actress.
 MedinaPolice officer.
Gregor M.MendelScientist.
OrlandoValdezAmerican-Mexican basketball player.
CharismaMolinaMarpessa's best friend.
MarilynMonroeAmerican actress.
LeeMorganAmerican jazz trumpeter.
ToniMorrisonAmerican novelist.
GerryMulliganAmerican saxophonist.
EddieMunsterFictional character on the CBS sitcom.
ElizabethMurrayAmerican painter.
EduardoNájeraMexican basketball player.
HannahNaterOne of the Dickens Five.
JudgeNguyenThe judge at the narrator's trial.
NickNolteAmerican actor, producer, author, and former model.
ScarlettO'HaraGone with the Wind character.
EdwardOroscoUndercover police officer.
JohnnyOtisAmerican singer.
MCPanacheLocal gangster and Marpessa's husband.
SidneyPoitierAmerican-Bahamian actor.
RichardPryorAmerican stand-up comedian.
Suzy QA nanny.
NakeshiaRaymondThe narrator's quiz bee opponent.
 RaynerOne of the behaviorists.
RonaldReagan40th U.S. President.
MasonReeseFormer child actor.
Erich MariaRemarqueGerman novelist.
GerhardRichterGerman visual artist.
TimRobbinsAmerican actor, screenwriter, director, producer, and musician.
TahneeRobinsonAmerican basketball player.
FranRossAmerican author.
Rick RubinAmerican record producer.
BillRussellAmerican former professional basketball player.
SunshineSammyThe original Little Rascal.
BridgetSanchezThe narrator's childhood acquaintance. Aka: La Giggles.
ShoniSchimmelAmerican basketball player.
MaxSchmelingGerman boxer.
DredScottEnslaved African American man in the United States.
BrookeShieldsAmerican actress.
SusanSilvermanMatchmaker from Sister Cities Global.
BarbraStreisandAmerican singer.
ShirleyTempleAmerican actress.
BuckwheatThomasAmerican child actor. Aka: Billie Thomas.
UncleTomCharacter of Harriet Beecher Stowe's novel, Uncle Tom's Cabin.
MarkTorresLittle League game player.
HarrietTubmanAmerican abolitionist and political activist.
MarkTwainAmerican writer.
MikeTysonAmerican boxer.
JohnnyUnitasAmerican football player.
JeanValjeanProtagonist of Victor Hugo's 1862 novel Les Misérables.
MelonieVandewegheOne of the Dickens Five.
MarkWahlbergAmerican actor.
KaraWalkerAmerican contemporary painter, silhouettist and film-maker.
Booker T.WashingtonGreat Educator and founder of the Tuskegee Institute.
EarlWatsonBasketball coach.
 WatsonOne of the behaviorists.
JohnWayneAmerican actor. Aka: Duke.
Eli WhitneyAmerican inventor best known for inventing the cotton gin.
OscarWildeIrish poet and playwright.
GeneWilderAmerican actor.
NeilYoungCanadian singer-songwriter.
OscarZocaloThe narrator's lab partner at Riverside.
Alfalfa One of the characters from The Little Rascals.
Baraka Silverback gorilla.
Butch One of the characters from The Little Rascals.
Charlie One of the Lopez kids.
Chubby One of the characters from The Little Rascals.
Clyde Black attendant at the gas station in Mississippi.
Darla One of the characters from The Little Rascals.
Dori One of the Lopez kids.
Froggy One of the characters from The Little Rascals.
Jerry One of the Lopez kids.
Kristina Chaff Middle School student.
Lori One of the Lopez kids.
Malcolm X American Sunni minister and human rights activist.
Mickey One of the characters from The Little Rascals.
Porky One of the characters from The Little Rascals.
Rebecca 1 Foul-mouthed teenager.
Rebecca 2 The one whom the narrator's father seduces in Mississippi.
Spanky One of the characters from The Little Rascals.
Tasha One of the narrator's father's teaching assistants.
Wally One of the characters from The Little Rascals.