Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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    Part 1
1HughGrange Protagonist.
 DanielBookham Hugh's cousin.
 AganthaKent Hugh and Daniel's aunt. The Rye Leader.
 JohnKent Agatha's husband. A senior official in foreign office.
 AlexRamsey One of the England's leading surgeons. Hugh's boss.
 LucyRamsey Alex's daughter.
 Mr.Puddlecombe Hugh and Daniel's Latin teacher.
 LordMarbely Lady's Marbely's wife. Beatrice's aunt.
 BeatriceNash A schoolteacher.
 HarryWheaton Eleanor's brother. A colonel.
 Smith  Agatha's chauffeur.
2Craigmore  Lord North's son. A viscount.
 Jenny  Agatha's maid.
3Cook  Agatha's servant.
 HenryVIII The King of England.
 Mrs.Rogers A French Chef.
 Dr.Lawton Hugh's companion.
 Mrs.Turber Beatrice's landlady.
 Mrs.Smith The chauffeur's wife.
 EmilyWheaton Harry and Eleanor's mother. Aka: Lady Emily.
4Mr.Tillingham An American author.
 JackHeathly The son of a local shepherd.
 SamuelHeathly Jack's brother.
 Richmund EdmundSidley One of Beatrice's students. Aka: Snout, Dickie.
 ColonelWheaton Lady Emily's husband. Eleanor and Barry's father.
 ArtyPike The Town's ironmongers.
 JoshuaNash Beatrice's father.
 BettinaFothergill The Town's mayoress.
 Headmaster  The school principal.
5Abigail  Mrs. Turber's housemaid.
 Mr.Dobbins A mathematics's teacher.
 Mr.Dimbly A gymnast teacher.
 MissClauvert A French teacher.
 MissDevon An English, sewing, and history teacher.
 CharlesPoot Mrs. Fothergill's nephew.
 EleanorWheaton Col. Wheaton's wife.
 Gerta  Eleanor's nanny.
 Liesl  Eleanor's maid.
6OldJones A landlord.
 Mr.Satchell The ship owner.
 ArnoldPike Arty Pike's uncle.
 CedricPike Arnold's older brother.
 Bowen  A farmer.
7Mr.Caraway Joshua's book publisher.
 MariaStokes A doctor.
 RichardSidley A bicycle repair shop owner. Snout's father.
8Carruthers  One of Alex Ramsey's assistants.
 Michael  One of Alex Ramsey's assistants.
9Mr.Samuel A wine seller.
 MinnieButtles The vicar's daughter.
 AliceFinch Minnie's friend.
 Mr.Devere The local butcher.
    Part 2
10CelesteFontaine The Belgian princess.
 Mr.Fontaine Celeste's father.
 Mrs.Saunders A housecleaner.
12LordNorth The earl. Craigmore's father.
13KingCanute The town's king.
14MajorFrank The director in charge in the hospital.
 Otto  Eleanor's husband.
 QueenElizabeth The Queen of England.
 WalterRaleigh An English statesman.
15AlgernonFrith Mr. Tillingham's friend. A writer.
 AmberleighFrith Mr. Tillingham's wife. Aka: A.A. De Witte.
 FrederickFothergill The Rye's mayor.
 LadyNorth The earl's wife.
16Coleridge  An English poet.
 JoyCharter Craigmore's fiancĂ©.
 TubbyArcher Daniel's friend.
 BillLongshanks A poet from Pimlico.
17Johnny  A painter.
    Part 3
20ErniePhillips A German soldier.
 ArthurDay A German soldier.
23Lancelot ChalfontNorth Only son of Earl North. Daniel's friend. Aka: Viscount Craigmore.
    Part 4
28Bill  Hugh's driver.
 Archie  Hugh's colleague.
 Wolfie  Snout's dog.
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