Characters - Alphabetical
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TubbyArcherDaniel's friend.
DanielBookhamHugh's cousin.
MinnieButtlesThe vicar's daughter.
KingCanuteThe town's king.
Mr.CarawayJoshua's book publisher.
JoyCharterCraigmore's fiancé.
MissClauvertA French teacher.
ArthurDayA German soldier.
Mr.DevereThe local butcher.
MissDevonAn English, sewing, and history teacher.
Mr.DimblyA gymnast teacher.
Mr.DobbinsA mathematics' teacher.
QueenElizabethThe Queen of England.
AliceFinchMinnie's friend.
CelesteFontaineThe Belgian princess.
Mr.FontaineCeleste's father.
BettinaFothergillThe Town's mayor.
FrederickFothergillThe Rye's mayor.
MajorFrankThe director in charge in the hospital.
AlgernonFrithMr. Tillingham's friend. A writer.
AmberleighFrithMr. Tillingham's wife. Aka: A.A. De Witte.
JackHeathlyThe son of a local shepherd.
SamuelHeathlyJack's brother.
OldJonesA landlord.
AganthaKentHugh and Daniel's aunt. The Rye Leader.
JohnKentAgatha's husband. A senior official in foreign office.
Dr.LawtonHugh's companion.
BillLongshanksA poet from Pimlico.
LordMarbelyLady's Marbely's wife. Beatrice's aunt.
BeatriceNashA schoolteacher.
JoshuaNashBeatrice's father.
LadyNorthThe earl's wife.
Lancelot ChalfontNorthOnly son of Earl North. Daniel's friend. Aka: Viscount Craigmore.
LordNorthThe earl. Craigmore's father.
ErniePhillipsA German soldier.
ArnoldPikeArty Pike's uncle.
ArtyPikeThe Town's ironmongers.
CedricPikeArnold's older brother.
CharlesPootMrs. Fothergill's nephew.
Mr.PuddlecombeHugh and Daniel's Latin teacher.
WalterRaleighAn English statesman.
AlexRamseyOne of the England's leading surgeons. Hugh's boss.
LucyRamseyAlex's daughter.
Mrs.Rogers A French Chef.
Mr.SamuelA wine seller.
Mr.SatchellThe ship owner.
Mrs.SaundersA housecleaner.
RichardSidleyA bicycle repair shop owner. Snout's father.
Richmund EdmundSidleyOne of Beatrice's students. Aka: Snout, Dickie.
Mrs.SmithThe chauffeur's wife.
MariaStokesA doctor.
Mr.TillinghamAn American author.
Mrs.TurberBeatrice's landlady.
HenryVIIIThe King of England.
ColonelWheatonLady Emily's husband. Eleanor and Barry's father.
EleanorWheatonCol. Wheaton's wife.
EmilyWheatonHarry and Eleanor's mother. Aka: Lady Emily.
HarryWheatonEleanor's brother. A colonel.
Abigail Mrs. Turber's housemaid.
Archie Hugh's colleague.
Bill Hugh's driver.
Bowen A farmer.
Carruthers One of Alex Ramsey's assistants.
Coleridge An English poet.
Cook Agatha's servant.
Craigmore Lord North's son. A viscount.
Gerta Eleanor's nanny.
Headmaster The school principal.
Jenny Agatha's maid.
Johnny A painter.
Liesl Eleanor's maid.
Michael One of Alex Ramsey's assistants.
Otto Eleanor's husband.
Smith Agatha's chauffeur.
Wolfie Snout's dog.