Characters - Alphabetical
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AuntAdriannaThe dead Pearl Girl in Toronto.
AuntBeatriceThe Aunts that Daisy met.
AuntCloverOne of the Aunts.
AuntCloverAunt Vidala's gardener.
AuntDoveThe Aunts that Daisy met.
AuntElizabethOne of the aunts. One of the founders.
AuntEsteeOne of the Aunts. A craft teacher.
AuntGabbanaOne of the Aunts.
BeckaGroveAgnes's classmate. Aka: Aunt Immortelle.
Dr.GroveBecka's pervert father. A dentist.
AuntHelenaOne of the aunts. One of the founders.
AgnesJemimaOne of the narrators. Protagonist. Aka: Aunt Victoria.
CommanderJuddThe leader of the Sons of Jacob.
CommanderKyleAgnes's adoptive father.
SaraLeeA wedding arranger.
AuntLiseOne of the Aunts.
AuntLornaOne of the Aunts. A wedding arranger.
AuntLydiaOne of the narrators. Protagonist.
CaptainMishimengoThe boat captain. Daisy and Agnes's transport.
CardinalNewmanThe Gilead cardinal.
CommanderSaundersOne of the commanders of the Sons of Jacob.
AuntSilhoutteOne of the Aunts. Aunt Estee's colleague.
Aunt VidalaOne of the aunts. One of the founders.
Mr.WilliamDr. Grove's assistant.
Ada Melanie's friend.
Anita One of Aunt Lydia's colleagues.
Betty A wedding arranger.
Daisy One of the narrators and protagonists. Aka: Baby Nicole, Jade.
Elijah The deskman at SantuCare. Neil's friend.
Garth Ada and Daisy's transport.
George A homeless man.
Katie One of Aunt Lydia's colleagues.
Mark Commander Kyle and Paula's son. Ofkyle's biological son.
Mary The Queen of Scots.
Melanie Daisy's adoptive mother.
Neil Daisy's adoptive father.
Ofkyle Commander Kyle and Paula's handmaid.
Paula Commander Kyle's new wife. Agnes's step-mother.
Rosa One of the Marthas of Agnes's family.
Tabitha Agnes's adoptive mother.
Tessa The receptionist.
Vera One of the Marthas of Agnes's family.
Zilla One of the Marthas of Agnes's family.