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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1 Blackie Howard's acquaintance.
Howard Perry Mason A high school teacher. aka: Howie.
Wilhelmina Kidler A part-time hustler. aka: Billie.
Burke Howard's employer.
Mike Karas Mame's employer.
Mamie Gaynor A bartender at The Best Chance. aka: Mame.
Jesus Encinas Mame's new acquaintance.
Dixie Mame's neighbor.
Honor Howie's girl in Chicago.
2 Stan Malkewics Present owner of the bar.
Ike Batchelor An advertising copy writer.
Anastacio Howie's acquaintance. aka: Tassie.
Ramon Garcia A Mexican cook.
Ramon G. Jesus Toledo Silva Full name of Ramon Garcia.
Jim Tully An American vagabond
Karen Horney A German psychoanalyst.
3 Carolina Howie's new acquaintance.
4 Vercingetorix A Gallic king and chieftain of the Arverni tribe.
Anne Boleyn Queen of England.
Al Capone An Italian-American gangster and businessman.
Richard N. Backus Billie and Mame's landlord.
Jerry A bartender at Barney's.
Roberta Billie's friend.
5 Alfred Kinsey An American sexologist
Ralph Billie's ex-husband.
Zsa Zsa Habor A Hungarian-American socialite and actress.
Ethel Merman An American actress and singer.
F. Scott Fitzgerald An American novelist
6 Joseph R. McCathy A former U.S. senator.
John D. Rockefeller An American business magnate.
Harun al-Rashid A political leader of an Islamic state.
Croesus The King of Lydia
Midas A mythical king of Phrygia.
Nathan Mayer Rothschild An English-German banker
Francois Villon A French poet.
Stella Gray An old man's daughter.
Bud Stella's husband.
8 Thomas Carlyle A Scottish essayist
9 Sam Dobbs Ike Batchelor's acquaintance.
Elsie A waitress.
Leonard Bernstein An American conductor. composer
Dee Howie's acquaintance.
Bernie Ike's acquaintance.
10 Mrs. Grant Howie's landlady.
Prometheus A Titan god of fire.
Thorstein Veblen A Norwegian-American economist and sociologist.
12 Dave Greener A milkman.
13 Lloyd Abernathy Fake name of Howie.
Mrs. Abernathy Fake name of Billie.
15 Hazel Carpenter Billie's friend.