Characters - Alphabetical
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Lloyd Abernathy Fake name of Howie.
Mrs. Abernathy Fake name of Billie.
Harun al-Rashid A political leader of an Islamic state.
Richard N. Backus Billie and Mame's landlord.
Ike Batchelor An advertising copy writer.
Leonard Bernstein An American conductor. composer
Anne Boleyn Queen of England.
Al Capone An Italian-American gangster and businessman.
Thomas Carlyle A Scottish essayist
Hazel Carpenter Billie's friend.
Sam Dobbs Ike Batchelor's acquaintance.
Jesus Encinas Mame's new acquaintance.
F. Scott Fitzgerald An American novelist
Ramon Garcia A Mexican cook.
Mamie Gaynor A bartender at The Best Chance. aka: Mame.
Mrs. Grant Howie's landlady.
Stella Gray An old man's daughter.
Dave Greener A milkman.
Zsa Zsa Habor A Hungarian-American socialite and actress.
Karen Horney A German psychoanalyst.
Mike Karas Mame's employer.
Wilhelmina Kidler A part-time hustler. aka: Billie.
Alfred Kinsey An American sexologist
Stan Malkewics Present owner of the bar.
Howard Perry Mason A high school teacher. aka: Howie.
Joseph R. McCathy A former U.S. senator.
Ethel Merman An American actress and singer.
John D. Rockefeller An American business magnate.
Nathan Mayer Rothschild An English-German banker
Ramon G. Jesus Toledo Silva Full name of Ramon Garcia.
Jim Tully An American vagabond
Thorstein Veblen A Norwegian-American economist and sociologist.
Francois Villon A French poet.
Anastacio Howie's acquaintance. aka: Tassie.
Bernie Ike's acquaintance.
Blackie Howard's acquaintance.
Bud Stella's husband.
Burke Howard's employer.
Carolina Howie's new acquaintance.
Croesus The King of Lydia
Dee Howie's acquaintance.
Dixie Mame's neighbor.
Elsie A waitress.
Honor Howie's girl in Chicago.
Jerry A bartender at Barney's.
Midas A mythical king of Phrygia.
Prometheus A Titan god of fire.
Ralph Billie's ex-husband.
Roberta Billie's friend.
Vercingetorix A Gallic king and chieftain of the Arverni tribe.