Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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 DanielKahnemanAuthor. A psychology teacher at Hebrew University.
 AmosTverskyA rising star in the field of decision research. Daniel's friend.
   Part 1
 KeithStanovichEmeritus professor applied psychology & human development.
 RichardWestA British journalist. Keith's long-time friend.
 ChristopherChabrisAuthor of the Invisible Gorilla.
 DanielSimonsAuthor of the Invisible Gorilla.
 EckardHessPsychologist described pupil of eye is window to the soul.
 JacksonBeattyA graduate student in Daniel's lab.
 MihalyCsikzentmihalyiA psychologist.
 RoyBaumeisterA psychologist who has studies about mental energy.
 ShaneFrederickDaniel's colleague.
 WalterMischelA social psychologist who specializes in personality theory.
 DavidHumeA Scottish philosopher.
 JohnBarghA social psychologist.
 LarryJacobyPsychologist who 1st demonstrated memory of illusion test.
 DannyOppenheimerDaniel's Princeton colleague.
 RobertZajoncThe famed psychologist.
   RAT - Remote Association Test.
 SarnoffMednickThought he had identified the essence of creativity. Scientist.
 Jon A psychologist. Daniel's acquaintance.
 AlbertMichotteAn Aristocratic Belgian Psychologist.
 FritzHeiderPsychologist used a method similar to Michotte's method.
 Mary-AnnSimmellFritz's colleague.
 DannyKayeThe great comedian.
 DanielGilbertA psychologist and author of stumbling to happiness.
 BaruchSpinozaA 70th century philosopher.
 JamesSurowieckiThe author of the wisdom of crowds.
   WYIASIATI - What you see is all there is.
 DavidThorntonA 43-year-old union field representative.
 AlexTodorovDaniel's colleague at Princeton.
 PaulSlovicPsychologist who proposed an affect of heuristic.
   Part 2
 HowardWainerA witty statistician.
 HarrisZwerlingA witty statistician.
 WilliamFellerA statistician.
 TomGilovichAmos's student.
 RobertValloneAmos's student.
 EldarShafirAmos's former co-worker.
 TomGilovichAmos's former co-worker.
 NickEpleyTom's colleague.
 ThomasMussweilerA German psychologist.
 FritzStackA German psychologist.
 AdamGalinskyThomas's partner.
 NorbertSchwarzA German psychologist.
 SarahLichtensteinPaul's long-time collaborator.
 BaruchFischoffDaniel's former student.
 AntonioDamasioA neuroscientist. Amos's colleague.
 CassSunsteinDaniel's friend.
 TimKuranCass's collaborator.
 RobynDowesAmos and Daniel's colleague and friend.
 ThomasBayesThe English minister of the Eighteenth Century.
 Stephen JayGouldA Naturalist.
 ChristopherHseeA teacher in the University of Chicago.
 JohnListAn experimental economist.
   Linda Experiment - Daniel's famous experiment.
 BjornBorgA dominant tennis player.
 RalphHertwigA persistent critic of the Linda Problem.
 JohnBrockmanThe editor of the magazine called Edge.
 FrancisGaltonCharles Darwin's cousin. Discovered regression.
 DavidFreedmanA statistician who talks about regression.
   Part 3
 NassimTalebThe trader-statistician-philosopher.
 BillClintonThe former U.S. President.
 GeorgeTenetThe director of the CIA.
 GeorgeBushThe former U.S. President.
 CondeleezzaRiceThe national security adviser.
 PhilipRosenzweigA business school professor based in Switzerland.
 RichardThalerAmos and Daniel's friend.
 TerryO'DeanA finance professor at UC Berkeley. Daniel's former student.
 BradBarberO'Dean's colleague.
 AdolfHitlerThe leader of the Nazi Party.
 JosephStalinGeneral Secretary of Communist Party of Soviet Union.
 MaoZedongFormer chairman of the Republic of China.
 PhilipTetlockA psychologist at the University of Pennsylvania.
 PaulMeehlOne of the most versatile psychologists of the 20th century.
 OrleyAshenfelterA Princeton economist and wine lover.
 VirginiaApgarAn Anesthesiologist.
 GarryKasparovA chess genius.
 JohnHenryAn African-American folk hero.
 GaryKleinDaniel's most satisfying and adversarial collaborator.
 MalcolmGladwellThe author of the bestseller book called Blink.
 PresidentHardingFormer U.S President.
   RPD - Recognition Prime Decision.
 HerbertSimonsThe founding father of decision-making.
 DonaldRumsfeldFormer U.S. congressman.
 BentFlyvbergThe renowned Danish planning expert.
 UlrikeMalmeinderAn Economist.
 GeoffreyTateAn Economist.
 ColinCamererA man who coined the concept of competition neglect.
 MartinSeligmanThe founder of potelsitive psychology.
   Part 4
 BrunoFeyA Swiss economist.
 RichardThalerThe behavioral economist.
 JohnVon NeumannThe mathematician.
 OskarMorgensternThe economist.
 GustavFechnerA German psychologist.
 HarryMarkowitzA Nobel prize winner in economics.
 MatthewRabinThe behavioral economist.
 RichardRosettThe dean at the University of Chicago. Aka: Professor R.
 JackKnetschA local economist. Daniel's former colleague.
 MichaelCabanacA biologist.
 DevinPopeAn economist at the University of Pennsylvania.
 MauriceSchweitzerAn economist at the University of Pennsylvania.
 PaulSamuelsonThe Nobel laureates.
 KennethArroeThe Nobel laureates.
 MiltonFriedmanThe Nobel laureates.
 ChrisGuthrieA legal scholar.
 SarahLichtensteinA psychologist who graduated at the University of Michigan.
   Part 5
 FranciaEdgeworthThe British economist.
 DonRedelmeierA physician and researcher at the University of Toronto.
 EdDienerA psychologist.
   DRM - Day Reconstruction Method.