Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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1   Clay   Jensen   Protagonist & narrator. Worked at movie theater. Went to school with Hannah. Lives in real time. 9th person on Hannah's list.
    Hannah   Baker   Protagonist & narrator. Worked at movie theater with Clay. Lives through her tapes. Committed suicide.
    Mrs.   Jensen   Clay's mother.
    Justin   Foley   A senior at Liberty High. Basketball player. Hannah's 1st boyfriend and kiss. Jessica's boyfriend. Friends with Bryce. Also the 1st and 10th person on Hannah's list.
    Andrea   Williams   Clay's first kiss.
    Kat       Hannah's first friend in her new neighborhood. She lives next door to Hannah. Moved shortly before the start of school.
    Tony   Padilla   Clay's friend. Hannah's confidante and the person who has the 2nd set of tapes.
    Mr.   Padilla   Tony's father.
2   Alex   Standall   Hannah's former friend. The 2nd person on the list.
    Jimmy   Long   A boy from Hannah's class. aka: Jackass Jimmy.
    Ms.   Strumm   A teacher at Liberty High.
    Wally       A store attendant at Blue Spot Liquor Store.
    Angela   Romero   A part of Alex's What's Hot/What's Not List for Best Lips.
3 Jessica Davis Hannah's former friend. Justin's girlfriend. The 3rd person on list.
    Ms.   Antilly   Former guidance counselor for students with last names beginning A through G. Transferred school districts.
4   Tyler   Down   The student-life photographer at Liberty High. The 4th person on the list.
5   Courtney   Crimsen   Betrayed Hannah time and again by manipulating her and other people. The 5th person on the list.
    Marcus   Cooley   Matched up with Hannah for the Oh My Dollar Valentine's Survey. The 6th person on Hannah's list.
6   Ms.   Benson   A teacher at Liberty High.
7   Mrs.   Bradley   The teacher for Peer Communications at Liberty High.
    Zach   Dempsey   A student at Liberty High. The person who stole Hannah's notes of encouragement from Peer Class. The 7th person on her list.
8   Ryan   Shaver   The Editor of Liberty High's Lost-N-Found Gazette. The 8th person on Hannah's list.
11   Jenny   Kurtz   A cheerleader from Liberty High who is also part of the Student Body Office. The 11th person on Hannah's list.
12   Bryce   Walker   A senior at Liberty High. Friends with Justin.  The 12th person on Hannah's list.
13   Mr.   Porter   The new guidance counselor at Liberty High. Also the first-period English teacher. The 13th person on Hannah's list.
14   Steve   Oliver   A student at Liberty High.
    Skye   Miller   A student at Liberty High. Formerly friends with Clay.