Characters - Alphabetical
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Ms. Antilly Former guidance counselor.
Hannah Baker Protagonist & narrator. Committed suicide.
Ms. Benson A teacher at Liberty High.
Mrs. Bradley Peer Communications teacher at Liberty High.
Marcus Cooley Matched with Hannah for Valentine's Survey.
Courtney Crimsen Betrayed Hannah time and again.
Jessica Davis Hannah's former friend. Justin's girlfriend.
Zach Dempsey A student at Liberty High.
Tyler Down The student-life photographer at Liberty High.
Justin Foley A senior at Liberty High. Basketball player.
Clay Jensen Protagonist & narrator.
Mrs. Jensen Clay's mother.
Jenny Kurtz A cheerleader from Liberty High.
Jimmy Long Boy from Hannah's class. aka:Jackass Jimmy.
 Skye Miller A student at Liberty High.
 Steve Oliver A student at Liberty High.
 Mr. Padilla Tony's father.
 Tony Padilla Clay's friend. Hannah's confidante.
 Mr. Porter The new guidance counselor at Liberty High.
 Angela Romero On Alex's What's Hot/What's Not List.
 Ryan Shaver Editor of Liberty High's Lost-N-Found Gazette.
 Alex Standall Hannah's former friend. 2nd person on list.
 Ms. Strumm A teacher at Liberty High.
 Bryce Walker A senior at Liberty High.
 Andrea Williams Clay's first kiss.
 Kat   Hannah's first friend in her new neighborhood.
 Wally   A store attendant at Blue Spot Liquor Store.