Characters - Alphabetical
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JimBalleuBill's partner.
AllisonBennettJason and Lucinda's daughter who got shot. Aka: Al, Alsford.
EthanBennettJason and Lucinda's son.
LucindaBennettJason's wife.
WilliamBennettJason's father.
FlossieBergstromOne of the truckers. The woman who helped Jason.
BarbaraCaldwellThe representative.
MarkChenThe head of emergency surgery.
JohnColasanteA court reporter. Jason's friend.
CourtneyDelucaMelissa's daughter. Allison's friend.
MelissaDelucaLucinda's best friend.
SeamusDelucaMelissa's husband.
WilliamDieboldA military interrogators.
RohanDohaThe man that Mr. Ricks alledgedly killed.
SkeetDunwoodyLeonard's friend.
DavidFishmanA lawyer.
RobFromanThe U.S. attorney for Eastern District.
JayGoldThe district attorney.
DeviGuptaAn FBI special agent.
MichaelHallmanDom's partner. Aka: Wiki.
PamHartPaul's wife.
PaulHartMilo's lawyer.
MiltonHersheyThe owner of Hershey's Chocolate.
WalterJerseyA drug dealer. The man that John and Junior killed.
DeniseKingstonDom's wife.
DomKingstonAn FBI special agent.
BryanKriegerThe man who wrote rumors about Jason.
BriannaMcKinneyAllison's schoolmate.
RonMcKinneyBrianna's father.
JohnMiloAllison's murderer.
DanielMozerOne of Milo's victims.
PhillipNeroneThe BMW driver. Aka: North Philly Phil.
MattReillyThe laboring oar.
LeonardRichardsonTig's friend.
MikeRicksThe senator.
RebeccaRobertsonLucinda's summer intern.
CaitlinRomarinLucinda's sister.
ClaireRomarinLucinda's mother.
Mr.ThatcherJason's neighbor.
MartinTornottWilliam's partner.
GeorgeVeria Jr.John's accomplice. Deceased. Aka: Junior.
GeorgeVeria Sr.Junior's father. Aka: Big George.
RichardVolkovDom's boss. Aka: Gremmie.
MaryWardA retired library aide. Tig's acquaintance.
JoeWatanabeThe case agent.
RemyWhitmanA towing service owner.
BillWolloughbyThe detective of Chester County.
Arielle A hockey player.
Carl One of Milo's men.
Christopher One of Ethan's friends.
Contessa Paula's girlfriend.
David One of Milo's men.
Ed The body shop owner.
Emily A hockey player.
Jack One of Flossie's dogs.
Jaybird The man that Milo shot.
John Flossie's husband. Deceased.
Justine Jason's officemate.
Kyle One of the truckers.
Linda The waitress.
Lingermann An FBI special agent.
Manny One of Flossie's dogs.
Marie Jason's officer manager.
Max The Bennett's cat.
Miles Ethan's classmate.
Moe One of Flossie's dogs.
Moonie Jason's white mutt.
Rowena Jason's colleague.
Sam Jason's colleague.
Scott One of Ethan's friends.
Susan Claire's favorite nurse.
Tig Dom's uncle.
Troy Allison's boyfriend.
Zack One of Ethan's friends.