Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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ProChase AndrewsThe Victim. Deceased.
    Part 1 - The Marsh
1Catherine D. ClarkProtagonist. Aka: Kya, Marsh Girl.
 Julienne M. JacquesKya's mother. Aka: Ma.
 Jackson H. ClarkKya's father. Aka: Jake, Pa.
 Jeremy A. ClarkKya's closest brother.
 Napier M. ClarkKya's older brother. Aka: Murph.
2Pansy PriceThe saleslady in Fabric and Notions at Five and Dime.
 Miss ArialA teacher in 2nd grade. Kya's teacher.
 Mrs. Sarah SingletaryThe checkout lady at Piggly Wiggly grocery store.
3Benji MasonSteve's friend. 10-year-old who found Chase's dead body.
 Steve LongBenji's friend. A 10-year-old who found dead body of Chase.
 EdJackson The town's sheriff.
 Vern MurphyThe town's only physician.
 Sam AndrewsChase's father.
 Patti Love AndrewsChase's mother.
4Mrs. Sally CulpepperThe truant officer.
5Joe PurdueThe town's deputy sheriff.
6Tate WalkerKya's boyfriend. Scupper's son.
 Johnny LaneOwner of a gas station.
    The Cherry Pie - The shrimp boat of Scupper.
 Scupper WalkerTate's father. A shrimper.
 Carianne WalkerTate's sister.
8Pearl AndrewsChase's widow.
 Jim-Bo SweeneyOwner-cook of Barkley Cove diner.
9Teresa WhiteThe Methodist teacher's wife.
 Meryl Lynn WhiteTeresa's daughter.
 Jumpin  Owner of a boat gas station.
12Mabel  Jumpin's wife.
16Mary Helen ClarkKya's sister.
 Amanda M. ClarkKya's sister. Aka: Mandy.
17Aldo LeopoldKya's favorite author.
 Daist  Jumpin's dead baby.
18Betty  A waitress.
21Cooper  A hawk owner.
    Part 2 - The Swamp
22Amanda HamiltonKya Clark pseudonym used to publish her poems.
 Dr. BlumKya's employer.
26Mrs. HinesThe librarian.
28Hal MillerTim O'Neal's shrimper crew.
 Tim O'NealHal's boss. Owner of a shrimping business.
 Allen HuntTim O'Neal's shrimper crew.
29Bryan  Chase's friend.
 Tina  Chase's friend.
31Jerry  The fix-it man.
 Mr. Napier ClarkKya's grandfather.
33Rose MaryMaria's sister. Kya's aunt.
36Rodney HornThe retired mechanic.
 Denny SmithRodney's fishing pal.
 Elsie HornRodney's wife.
38Tom MiltonKya's lawyer.
 Judge Harold SimsThe judge at the Chase Andrews case.
 Hank JonesThe Bailiff.
 Henrietta JonesHank's daughter.
 Eric ChastainThe prosecuting lawyer.
44Jacob  The prison guard.
45Dr. Steward ConeThe coroner.
46Robert FosterKya's editor.
49Larry PriceA bus driver. A witness.
 John KingA bus driver. A witness.
52Mr. FurloughA receptionist at the motel. A witness.
54Mr. TomlinsonOwner of a buster brown shoe shop.
57Archbald LabA man who offered Kya a job.
 Libby ClarkJodie's wife.
 Mindy ClarkJodie and Libby's daughter.
 Murph Clark (2)Jodie and Libby's son.