Characters - Alphabetical
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ChaseAndrewsThe Victim. Deceased.
Patti LoveAndrewsChase's mother.
PearlAndrewsChase's widow.
SamAndrewsChase's father.
MissArialA teacher in 2nd grade. Kya's teacher.
Dr.BlumKya's employer.
EricChastainThe prosecuting lawyer.
Amanda M.ClarkKya's sister. Aka: Mandy.
Catherine D.ClarkProtagonist. Aka: Kya, Marsh Girl.
Jackson H.ClarkKya's father. Aka: Jake, Pa.
Jeremy A.ClarkKya's closest brother.
LibbyClarkJodie's wife.
Mary HelenClarkKya's sister.
MindyClarkJodie and Libby's daughter.
Mr. NapierClarkKya's grandfather.
Napier M.ClarkKya's older brother. Aka: Murph.
MurphClark (2)Jodie and Libby's son.
Dr. StewardConeThe coroner.
Mrs. SallyCulpepperThe truant officer.
RobertFosterKya's editor.
Mr.FurloughA receptionist at the motel. A witness.
AmandaHamiltonKya Clark pseudonym used to publish her poems.
Mrs.HinesThe librarian.
ElsieHornRodney's wife.
RodneyHornThe retired mechanic.
AllenHuntTim O'Neal's shrimper crew.
EdJacksonThe town's sheriff.
Julienne M.JacquesKya's mother. Aka: Ma.
HankJonesThe Bailiff.
HenriettaJonesHank's daughter.
JohnKingA bus driver. A witness.
ArchbaldLabA man who offered Kya a job.
JohnnyLaneOwner of a gas station.
AldoLeopoldKya's favorite author.
SteveLongBenji's friend. 10-year-old who found the dead body of Chase.
RoseMaryMaria's sister. Kya's aunt.
BenjiMasonSteve's friend. 10-year-old who found the dead body of Chase.
HalMillerTim O'Neal's shrimper crew.
TomMiltonKya's lawyer.
VernMurphyThe town's only physician.
TimO'NealHal's boss. Owner of a shrimping business.
LarryPriceA bus driver. A witness.
PansyPriceThe saleslady in Fabric and Notions at Five and Dime.
JoePurdueThe town's deputy sheriff.
Judge HaroldSimsThe judge at the Chase Andrews case.
Mrs. SarahSingletaryThe checkout lady at Piggly Wiggly grocery store.
DennySmithRodney's fishing pal.
Jim-BoSweeneyOwner-cook of Barkley Cove diner.
Mr.TomlinsonOwner of a buster brown shoe shop.
CarianneWalkerTate's sister.
ScupperWalkerTate's father. A shrimper.
TateWalkerKya's boyfriend. Scupper's son.
Meryl LynnWhiteTeresa's daughter.
TeresaWhiteThe methodist teacher's wife.
Betty A waitress.
Bryan Chase's friend.
Cooper A hawk owner.
Daist Jumpin's dead baby.
Jacob The prison guard.
Jerry The fix-it man.
Jumpin Owner of a boat gas station.
Mabel Jumpin's wife.
Tina Chase's friend.