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Characters By Chapter
Martin Sorensen
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1   Rachel   McAlister   Protagonist, private detective, veteran of Afghanistan.
    Joshua   Todaro   FiancĂ© of Rachel. Life saved by her in battle.
2   Diane   Scanlon   Seattle detective. In Afghanistan with Rachel and Joshua.
3   Neil   Gordon   Neurosurgeon.
4   Ted   Tourville   Seattle police detective.
    Gil   Hamilton   Seattle City Councilman.
    Alan   Berg   Seattle prosecutor.
7   Jenny   Kress   Works in medical examiner's office.
    Peter   Crowley   Works in medical examiner's office.
9   Evan   Figueroa   Reporter.
10   Roger   Chadwick   Lawyer.
    Alexander   Stewart   Lawyer.
    Keith   Gockenbach   Lawyer.
    Meredith   Rawlings   Lawyer.
11   Irene       Tenant renting space in Rachel's house.
12   Michael   Scanlan   Diane's husband.
14   Brian   Phillips   Seattle detective. Partner with Ted Tourville.
    James   Chew   Head of Seattle police crime lab.
    Sandra   Tourville   Ted Tourville's wife. Works in Seattle police department.
16   Sean   Scanlan   Child of Diane and Michael.
    Shannon   Scanlan   Child of Diane and Michael.
    Robert   Anderson   L.A. lawyer.
    Ulrich       Roger Chadwick's housemate.
18   Sylvia   Todaro   Sister of Joshua Todaro.
19   Thomas   Magnuson   Judge.
    Mrs.   Moralis   Next door neighbor to Joshua Todaro.
22   Linda   Watson   Judge.
25   Frank   Sargenti   Head of the Seattle police crime scene unit.
26   Jim   Barraza   Seattle medical examiner.
37   Janine   Jordan   Seattle Mayor.