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AUTHOR: Martin Sorenson

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Rachel McAlister saves Joshua Todaro’s life on an Afghanistan battlefield. Back home in Seattle, he asks her to marry him. But someone murders Joshua in his Pike Place apartment and frames Rachel. On trial, she holds on to the only two things in the world that she can
trust: her love for Joshua, and the battlefield bullet he gave her. She has to hope she can figure out who set her up before it’s too late.

Characters: 30. Amazon rating: 4 1/2 stars. Genre: Romance.

Discussion Questions:


CH1     Kristi Vosbeck dresses.
      The Public Market, Seattle.
2     Volunteer Park Water Tower.
      Mapof Seattle.
      Lake Union.
26     Mt. Baker.
      The Skagit Valley Casino.
      Lake Kendall.
37     Tacoma Ferry.

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