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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1Jacob The man who died with pancreatic cancer. aka: Jake.
 Gabriel An Archangel.
 Grace Jacob's sister. aka: Gray, Gracie.
2Lea Grace's best friend.
 Conner Lea's boyfriend.
 ShaneMaxtonLead singer of Mad World band.
 TuckerBevliConner's friend.
4Ethan The drummer of the band.
 Brayden A bass player.
 Alex A guitarist.
 Barbie A stripper.
 HarryMcAllenLea's tenth grade classmate.
 Traci Harry's friend.
7Ryan A bartender.
 Brianna One of the club dancers.
 Lori One of the club dancers.
9MartinSlatermanJake's doctor.
 CarlSumptonThe man who attacked Grace in the bathroom.
 Mr.AllensOne of the detectives.
 Mr.RamosOne of the detectives.
10  Nephilin - Half-angel and half-human.
 Jimmy Tucker's officemate.
 Cameron Jimmy's companion.
 Bradley Tucker's friend.
 Kelvin Club manager.
 Cara The girl who was beaten by Alex.
 Shamsiel Gabriel's best friend.
 Azazel One of the fallen angels.
 Grigori One of the watchers.
11Vicki Ethan's girl.
 Steve A man who offer Grace a free drinks.
12Dr.TannerGrace's physician.
 Blake Tucker's cousin.
13LucasFraserGrace's childhood friend.
15Selah One of the fallen angels.
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