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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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1AubreyDavenportA woman found dead at Renwick Smalllpox Hospital.
   Renwick Smallpox Hospital - New York's most haunted house.
 CyrilDavenportAubrey Davenport's father.
 James EarlJonesThe host of the party in Pierre Hotel.
 Mr. PrincetonWellsCo-founder of Silver Bullet Foundation.
 Kenda WhithouseMr. Princeton Wells / An actress.
 MurielSykesThe mayor of New York / Supporter of Silver Bullet Foundation.
 Del FairfaxA rich and brilliant architect.
   Part 1 - Sex, Drugs and High-Stakes Poker
1KylieMacdonaldEx-girlfriend of Zach Jordan / A Detective at NYPD.
 Captain DeliaCatesKylie MacDonald and Zach Jordan's Captain.
 ZacharyJordanNarrator / Protagonist. aka: Red one, Zach.
 Charlie Muriel Syke's driver.
2HowardMalleyAn FBI bomb technician.
3Arnie SimmerPrinceton Well's friend-Co-founder of Silver Bullet Foundation.
 NathanHirschCo-founder Silver Bullet Foundation / Banking in Ivy League.
4Alfred Bruce Wayne's butler.
 SpenceHarringtonAddict ex-husband Kylie MacDonald - TV writer-producer.
6DannyCorcoranA detective in Manhattan North.
 TommyFischerDanny Corcoran's partner.
 Claudia D.MorettiOlder sister of Aubrey Davenport.
 NickMorettiClaudia Davenport Moretti's husband - Air traffic controller.
 Dr. CherylRobinsonForensic psychologist NYPD RED - Zach Jordan's girlfriend.
 JanekHoffmannAubrey Davenport's cameraman
9Flynn SamuelsA bomb-maker. aka: Sammy Six-Digits.
12MorrisLangfordAudrey Davenport's psychiatrist.
 TroyMarschandAudrey Davenport's office assistant.
13OfficerHairstonA uniformed officer at Davenport Film.
 DylanFreemontTroy Marschand's friend.
16HowardHughesA billionaire.
17MacanudoNateSilver Bullet's client.
 JasonWhiteNew employee at NYPD's real-time crime center.
 TifannyWildeAlledgely Nathan Hirsch's ailing mother.
 Q LavishWrote book about sex life of the rich. Aka: Quentin La Trelle.
 MichaelRaffertyA judge who accused Q for blackmailing him.
18BillNeillA General-Superintendent.
19SelmaKaplanThe smartest ADA in new york.
 MickWilsonA district attorney.
21ShellyTragerSpence's former boss.
 BobReitfieldA police-security on Shelly's hotel.
23Rick ButtonThe comic guy / Shelly Trager's gambling mate.
 Doctor EitanBen DavidA plastic surgeonist to the rich people.
24Clyde JeromeBerringerKylie MacDonald's new boyfriend. Aka : C.J
   Part 2 - The Bangkok Hilton
25NalaniBerringerC.J Berringer's wife.
 GerriGomperts"Gerri Diner's" owner.
26ZoePoundThe Haitian drug cartel in miami.
 Dingo SlideA Drug lord / Assistant of Zoe Pound.
 MaliqueLa GrandeLieutenant of Dingo Slide.
27Angela CorcoranDanny Corcoran's wife.
 KervinBladesDingo Slide's nephew.
28Rodrigo Q Laventin's driver.
31GeraldoSeguraFounder Silver Bullet Foundation. Aka: Rom Ran Sura.
42Mateo Princeton Wells's head cabin crew.
 DanFennesyPrinceton Wells's pilot.
43OmarShanksZach Jordan's former partner/
 DavidHindsMan from U.S embassy - Zach and Kylie's guide in Bangkok.
 Pongrit JuntasaDepartment of Corruption Head in Bangkok.
44Nai KhanomTomThe Father of Muay Thai.
 BupphaJuntasaPongrit Juntasa's sister.
 Kob SookMeesangPongrit Juntasa's muay thai protégé.
   Part 3 - Sex Slave
48JerryBrainardA dispatcher who works on new mobile command center.
53Barbara O' BrienA public information officer.
54Grace MarschandTroy Marschand's older sister.
55Garvey JewelBoy who wins poker match.
 TariqJessupBoy who wins poker match.
59BradOvertonA Film Producer.
62Karen Dr. Langford's client.
 Lucas Karen's mother's boyfrined
64NatalieBrownA singer with a sultry voice.
67Carlotta Friend of Carlo Segura.
 Milton Carlotta's Husband.
 Emily GersonWellsGreat-Grandmother of Princeton Wells.
74Paola A restaurant owner.
 Stefano Paola's son.
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