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Characters By Chapter
Jeffrey Hale
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1  Oronsay - the second Orient Line ship built after WW II.
2  Departure
 Flavia PrinsMynah's family friend.
3  Cat's Table - the least privileged place.
 PerinettaLasqueti A lady at the cat's table.
 Ramadhin One of Mynah's friends on the Oronsay.
 Cassius One of Mynah's friends on the Oronsay.
 Max MazappaA pianist. Aka: Sunny Meadows.
 Mr.NevilRetired ship dismantler.
 Emilyde SaramMynah's distant cousin.
 Mr.WijebahuEmily's boss.
 FatherBarnabusJunior school master.
6Mr.Hastie Head Kennel Keeper
 Mr.InvernioHastie's assistant.
 Mr.TolroyOne of Hastie's gambling buddies.
 Mr.BabstockOne of Hastie's gambling buddies.
7Michael A boy travelling to England to meet his mother. Aka: Mynah.
 Massoumeh Ramadhin's sister. Aka Massi.
12  Cassius
 SocratesGunewardenaMynah's family pediatrician.
 Senaka  Mynah's friend in school.
13  The Hold
 LarryDanielsA botanist.
14  The Turbine Room
 Sunil The Hyderabad Mind.
15Narayan Mynah's friend.
 Gunepala A cook, Mynah's friend.
 Mr.FonsekaTravelling to England to be a teacher.
17  A Spell
 Hectorde SilvaPhilanthropist.
   Muttaraballa - urinating dog.
19  Miss Lasqueti
 Mr.GunesekeraA tailor.
20  The Girl
 Asuntha A deaf girl.
22  Thievery
 BaronC.A thief.
24Mr.PetersA rogue sailor.
 Delia Hector's wife.
 MissQuinn-CardiffOne of the passengers on the Oronsay.
 Mr.Berridge One of the passengers on the Oronsay.
31Niemeyer The prisoner aboard the Oronsay.
35  Ramadhin's Heart
 Mrs.R.Massi's mother.
 HeatherCaveRamadhin's girl.
36Rajiva Heather's boyfriend.
39  Two Violets
 VioletCoomaraswamyOne of Flavia's friends.
 VioletGrenierOne of Flavia's friends.
40  Two Hearts
 AnabellaFigueroaHastie's wife.
44  Asuntha
 Pacipia Asuntha's aunt.
45  The Mediterranean
 Lucius PereraSenior officer in the Colombo police force.
46  Mr. Giggs
 Mr. GiggsA high-level army officer.
53  Miss Lasqueti: A 2nd Portrait
 JuliuszGruszaPolish war hero.
 Desmond Emily's husband.
 HoraceJohnsonPerinetta's employer.
 RoseJohnsonHorace's wife.
 Clive Horace and Rose's son.
The Cat's Table Suggested by Maggie Kinney
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