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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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 Gavin The largest kid in Eddie Adam's gang. aka: Fat Gav.
 ElisaRendellHannah Thomas's friend. aka: The Waltzer Girl.
 Mr.HalloranEddie Adam's new albino teacher. aka: The Pale Man.
 ChloeJacksonEddie Adam's lodger.
 Gerry A jovial ex-banker / Live-in partner of Eddie Adams's mother.
 DannyMyersEddie Adam's student.
 Georgia Travelodge's front desk agent.
 Furniss A police detective inspector.
 SergeantDanksDetective Furniss's assistant.
 FrankTurnerA Punk Singer.
 Cheryl A waitress at the bull.
   The Bull - Gavin's bar.
 Tina Fat Gav's friend.
 Rich Fat Gav's friend.
 Buddy Hoppo's new dog after murphy dies.
 GordyHopkinsHoppo's father.
 Mark Chloe Jackson's manager.
 Ruth Reverend Martin's friend.
 Alfred Penny's late fiancee.
 EddieAdamsNarrator / Protagonist. aka: Eddie Munster.
 GeoffAdamsEddie Adam's father. aka: Dad.
 MarianneAdamsEddie Adam's mother. aka: Mum.
 NicolaMartinThe only girl in Eddie Adam's gang. aka: Nicky.
 DavidHopkinsThe peacemaker of Eddie Adams's gang. aka: Hoppo.
 MickeyCooperEddie Adam's friend / Fat Gav's bestfriend.
 HannahThomasThe Waltzer Girl's friend. Officer Thomas's daughter.
 MarieBishopA 5th year student who got pregnant.
 Murphy Hoppo's black labrador.
 Jimbo A skin headed security guard at Woolies.
 StevenGemmelEddie Adams's classmate.
 ReverendMartinAnderbury's Vicar / Nicola Martin's father.
 SeanCooperMetal Mickey's brother.
 Duncan Sean Cooper's friend.
 Keith Sean Cooper's friend.
 AndyThomasA police constable / Hannah Thomas's father.
 Mrs.WilkinsonEddie Adams's English teacher.
   The Chalk Man - The creature that haunts Eddie Adams.
 GwenHopkinsHoppo's mother.
 Penny The Garden Lady.
 Ferdinand Penny's late fiancee.
 KirstyHalloranMr. Halloran's sister
   1986 - 90
 Cheryl A plump girl that Fat Gav's dating.
 Miss BarfordEddie Adam's English teacher.
 Lucy A girl that Hoppo's in love with.
 Angie A girl that Eddie Adams's dating.
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