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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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FOArthurHastingsHercule's friend.
 HerculePoirotPrivate detective. Arthur's friend.
1  Revivit - Brings back the natural tone of the hair. Not a dye.
 InspectorJappChief Inspector of Scotland Yard.
2Alexander B.CustEx-military.
3AliceAscherThe ABC Murderer's first victim.
4Glen Inspector.
 Dover Police constable.
   ABC - Railway guide.
 FranzAscherAlice's husband. German. Former waiter.
 MissRoseAlice's former boss where she worked as cook-housekeeper.
 MaryDrowerAlice's niece. Parlourmaid.
 Briggs Constable.
 DickWillowsThe guy Franz was with the night Alice got killed.
 OldCurdieThe guy Franz was with the night Alice got killed.
 George The guy Franz was with the night Alice got killed.
 Platt The guy Franz was with the night Alice got killed.
5Dr.KerrPolice surgeon.
 Tom Mary's uncle. Killed in the war.
 Harry Mary's uncle. Went to South America.
6Mrs.FowlerLives across Alice's shop.
 Edie Mrs. Fowler's daughter.
7JamesPatridgeThe last person known to have seen Alice alive.
 AlbertRiddellPlatelayer. aka: Bert.
8Carter Superintendent of the Sussex police.
 Crome Young inspector in charge of the ABC Murders case.
 Dr.ThompsonThe famous alienist.
9ElizabethBarnardSecond victim. Waitress at Ginger Cat Café. aka: Betty.
 MabelHomerMuswell Hill schoolgirl.
 Cappel Guilty of Mabel's murder.
 Kelsey Pleasant-faved, intelligent-looking young inspector.
 Jerome Fresh-air, early morning colonel.
 Mrs.MerrionOwned the Ginger Cat Café.
 MissHigleyWaitress at Ginger Cat Café.
 Mr.CourtOwned the real estate company Court & Brunskill.
 Mr.BrunskillOwned the real estate company Court & Brunskill.
10  Llandudno - The name of the Barnards's minute bungalow.
 Mr.BarnardBetty's father.
 Mrs.BarnardBetty's mother.
 DonaldFraserBetty's love interest. Works at Court & Brunskill.
 MeganBarnardBetty's sister.
13Lionel Assistant commissioner.
14CarmichaelClarkeThird victim. Retired throat specialist. aka: Car.
15  Combeside - Car's house.
 Deveril Car's elderly butler.
 Mr.WellsPolice officer. Inspector.
 FranklinClarkeCar's only brother.
 CharlotteClarkeCar's wife who is in bad health. aka: Lady Clarke.
 ThoraGreyCar's secretary.
20Capstick Lady Clarke's nurse.
 Logan Doctor.
22Mrs.MarburyMr. Cust's landlady.
 LilyMarburyMrs. Marbury's daughter.
 TomHartiganLily's lover.
23 AndersonColonel.
24Mr.LeadbetterWent to Regal Cinema to see Not A Sparrow.
26Jameson Commissionaire.
 GeoffreyParnellWas at Regal Cinema at the time of the murder.
 SamBakerYoung fellow. Was at Regal Cinema at the time of the murder.
27GeorgeEarlsfieldFourth victim. Barber.
 Roger EmmanuelDownesMaster Highfield School for Boys. Supposedly fourth victim.
 Mr.BallOwned the Black Swan.
 MaryStroudWorks at the Black Swan.
28Jacobs Sergeant who filtered the tip claims about ABC Murder case.
 BertSmithMrs. Marbury's brother from Canada.
 Hill Young man who talked to Mr. Cust.
31Lucas Case personnel.
  StrangeMining engineer. Mr. Cust's Bexhill alibi.
33Mr.MaynardDefending solicitor.
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